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Licensed Nuisance Trapping

Nuisance Trapping

(This does not include your neighbor’s kids nor your creepy neighbors.)
The most common nuisance animals in the Southeast are Beaver, Raccoons, and Coyotes.

$500.00 per week within a 30 mile radius of Cataula, GA.

Cataula is located in Harris County, GA, 15 miles north of Columbus, GA.
Call for rates to areas farther than 30 miles.

If you are experiencing problems with Beavers flooding your property or causing tree damage I can help you.

I have been a trapper for over 30 years and a licensed Georgia nuisance trapper for the last 4 years. I’d be happy to talk with you if you are experiencing beaver damage or other nuisance problems. I am located in Cataula, Georgia (Harris County), 15 miles north of Columbus, GA.

Beaver damage causes 3-5 million dollars of timber, crop, and road damage annually in the Southeast. If you are experiencing your share of this damage, we can help alleviate your continued contribution.

If you have or have had dammed culvert and drainage pipes, flooded crops, tree, and landscaping damage, chances are you will continue to have these problem unless you take steps to control or eliminate the culprits. Whether you are a farmer, forest owner, city or county government, or an individual, beaver damage is a nuisance at best. In the worst case scenarios, it is costly, time consuming, and causes irreplaceable loss.

Beaver and beaver damage photos by Richard Shell.

Forrest Moore
Cataula, GA
H: (706) 582-2793
C: (706) 662-4904 (calls only, no texts)

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