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Alligator Hides & Whole Alligators

My name is Forrest Moore and I am a Licensed Georgia Nuisance Alligator Trapper for 10 counties in between the Chattahoochee and Flint rivers in West Central Georgia.

Annually I harvest a few large Alligators between the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers. It is a shame for these large Gators not to be preserved as a life size Specimens. This is one of the reasons I am offering this service. Georgia Nuisance Alligator Trappers are paid by being able to legally sell the hide ,meat or the whole alligator. So f you are a business, learning institution or an individual that would like to have a lifesize American alligator to display, or if you would like to have an Alligator hide to display or have boots, belt,etc. made from Alligator I can help you.

Georgia Nuisance Alligator Agent trapper regulations:
391.4.12, 391.4.13, 391.4.10.03

Whole Alligators
available forĀ mountingĀ and for hides.

Whole Alligators are only available as nuisance permits are issued. If an alligator in the size you request becomes part of a nuisance call you will be contacted and will need to make arrangement for pickup once the Alligator is harvested. Alligator hide quality is extremely time and temperature sensitive. Once an alligator is captured the clock is running. I can recommend taxidermist and tannery if you prefer.
Georgia Taxidermist: Frog’s Buck Shop

Whole Gators

4’+ up to 8′ $20.00 per foot.
8’+ up to 10′  $25.00 per foot
10’+ and up $30.00 per foot
Alligator heads also available.


Delivery within 30 miles of Cataula, Georgia or point of capture no charge. Outside of 30 miles call for fee.

Skinning for Hide:

Up to 8′ $100.00
Over 8′  $150.00
Over 10′  $200.00

Skinning for Life Size Mount:


Forrest Moore
Cataula, GA
H: (706) 582-2793
C: (706) 662-4904 (calls only, no texts)

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